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4 Screening

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Foundational Elements

Prohibited Conduct

Interaction Guidelines


Organizational Response

Living Your Policy

Who is wise? One who foresees the future consequences of one’s acts.
Babylonian Talmud Tamid 32a

אֵיזֶהוּ חָכָם? הָרוֹאֶה אֶת הַנּוֹלָד
(.תלמוד בבלי תמיד ל”ב)

Screening focuses on developing screening policies and practices for organizations that incorporate safety, respect, and equity.

This module’s leading practices are rooted in the Talmudic maxim describing a wise person as one who foresees the future consequences of their actions. As you make decisions about who will work or volunteer at your organization, consider proactively envisioning the impact of your decisions.

Although your organization may already have screening measures in place, this module will help you revisit and expand upon those policies and procedures with an eye towards safety, respect and equity.

Screening will be available Fall 2022.