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3 Interaction Guidelines

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Foundational Elements

Prohibited Conduct

Interaction Guidelines

Organizational Response

Living Your Policy

Set boundaries around the mountain and sanctify it.
Exodus 19:23

הַגְבֵּל אֶת־הָהָר וְקִדַּשְׁתּוֹ
(שמות י”ט:כ”ג)

Interaction Guidelines provide clear organizational norms and shared expectations for creating safe and respectful interactions among individuals who are involved with your organization.

Just as the Jewish people demarcated the sacred space around Mount Sinai as a means of setting healthy boundaries before receiving the Ten Commandments, so too, we invite your organization to establish intentional guidelines for interpersonal interactions.

This module will guide your organization in creating shared norms around interactions, encouraging behaviors that support consent, respect, and safety. In addition to a Code of Conduct, your organization can develop policies and practices for specific interactions such as gift giving, email and social media usage, work related travel, and alcohol and drugs use. By shedding light on power dynamics and shared norms, you will create a more positive, healthy work environment.

Interaction Guidelines will be available in Winter 2024