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5 Living Your Policy

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Foundational Elements

Prohibited Conduct

Interaction Guidelines

Organizational Response

Living Your Policy

As individuals we count the days , but as leaders we must count the years.
Rabbi Jonathan Sacks Lessons in Leadership (Behar: Think Long)

After drafting policies to promote safety, respect, and equity in your community, Living Your Policy guides your organization to embed these policies within your organizational culture. Living Your Policy focuses on training, assessment, and policy review.

Policies that seemed clear during the development stage may be ambiguous in practice, well-intentioned new guidelines may introduce their own unanticipated risks, and certain gold standards may be too onerous to implement. Remember that no policies are perfect. Regularly reviewing your policies, listening to feedback, and revising will strengthen your organizational culture. 

By establishing policies that are tailored to your organization’s context, an organization deepens its culture of safety, respect, and equity for future generations. 

Education and Training

Sharing Your Policy

Policy Review and Revision