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4 Organizational Response

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Foundational Elements

Prohibited Conduct

Interaction Guidelines

Organizational Response

Living Your Policy

Today, it is those who confront abuse in their midst who reflect Judaism’s integrity and moral aspirationalism, while those who do not openly confront it threaten Judaism’s reputation and righteousness. —Dr. Elana Stein Hain

Organizational Response focuses on the systems and infrastructure needed to responsibly, morally, and fairly handle complaints of prohibited behaviors in a trauma-informed manner. A standardized grievance process contributes to safe and respectful organizational environments: it helps to ensure timely responses using established procedures that are applied equitably. 

This module prepares your organization for each stage of the process, from developing your reporting system to responding to complaints. Reporting structures, response systems, fact-finding, and practices centered around resolution and healing enable your organization to process complaints with intentionality and care, thus embodying the words of the Talmud: 

.ותהא מחשב דברים כענין. ואומר על ראשון ראשון ועל אחרון אחרון. והוי מודה על האמת
“Listen carefully to the words of your friend; be not hasty to answer but give proper thought to your words. Speak of the first [point] first and of the last [point] last, and admit the truth.” (
Babylonian Talmud, Derekh Eretz Zuta 2:2) 

Developing fair, clear, and accessible response policies helps your organization respond to complaints in a compassionate, trauma-informed manner, upholding your values and desired culture. 

1. Developing a Reporting Structure

2. Receiving a Report

3. Action Planning

4. Investigations